Care Instructions


At FAWN Active, we firmly believe in quality care to ensure that your pieces last longer. Using recycled fabric for our pieces is just one half of the equation. The other half comes with taking care of them the right way. 

Combining sustainability and care, here are some best practices for caring for your pieces. 


Wash Mindfully 

Hand wash is better than machine wash. Not only does it protect the environment, it also protects your garments for longer. If you do opt for machine wash, turn your garment inside out, and wash in wash bags so that the inside of the garment will be the one experiencing the roughness caused by the washing machine. 


Wash At Lower Temperatures 

To avoid any shrinkages of fabric, always cold wash your garments. The recommended temperature is less than 30°C. Cold washing also helps to reduce wrinkles, and fading. This helps your garments last longer and fit better. 

Use Gentle Products

No Bleaching please! Bleaching weakens fabrics over time, and may even cause yellowing. Strong detergents are also not recommended. Not only are they bad from your garments, but they are also bad for the environment. 


Skip The Dryer 

Apart from it causing your clothes to shrink and fade faster, the drying also takes up a lot of electricity. Air Drying your garments is still the best way to ensure that your garment will be in tip-top shape. No tumble, no trouble. 


Steaming/ Ironing

Depending on the fabric, and how you store your garments, the garments may wrinkle differently. If required, steaming is recommended as it is gentler on the fabric, and increases the lifespan of your garment. We recommend steaming/ ironing on the lowest settings, and to spray a spritz of water on the garment before ironing. 


Do Not Dryclean 

When drycleaning, we generally do not have oversight as to how our garments are being treated. If possible, wash the pieces at home, so that you can show your pieces the optimal love they deserve!